Homeowners are responsible for the following items.

At Hardesty Roofing, we try our best to provide the smoothest possible experience for our customers.  Your help with the items below will greatly assist us in making this possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this information.  We will be happy to help!

  1. Roofers generally arrive between 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. (maybe a little before or a little after).
  2. Please leave driveway clear for roofers and materials.  Due to their early arrival, we would suggest that vehicles are moved the night before.  Additionally, if you have a vehicle in your garage that you intend to use during this process, we would also suggest moving it to the street, if possible.
  3. We suggest removing any items hanging on your walls that you might find to be irreplaceable.  There can be vibrations of your home during the process which may cause items to fall.
  4. Dust (and minor wood debris if installing ridge vent) will fall into your attic space during the process.  If there are items in the attic you wish to protect, we advise covering the items with plastic, tarps, or old sheets.
  5. Items such as furniture, grills, umbrellas, flower pots etc… should be removed from decks/patios.  At a minimum, we suggest moving items on to the grass, just off the deck.  As roofing debris will be falling from the roof, we cannot be responsible for any damage occurred to these items.
  6. If you have an air handling unit in your attic, it is very important to advise us of any coolant (HVAC) lines running along the interior roof line (near the edge).  This line can be copper, or a 2” round black “foam covered” line.  It is important that this line is not touching any roof sheathing where we would be applying shingles.   From the outside, the workers cannot determine what is underneath and the line can be punctured by nails during installation.  This is not common, and more likely to appear in older houses.  Please be advised that we cannot be responsible for any undisclosed lines that are damaged, as we cannot see them from the roof.
  7. If you have skylights, please move items from the area below and lay down a sheet, plastic, or tarp for small amounts of sheetrock debris that may fall in during the re-flashing process.
  8. If you are installing or replacing a power fan, please note that we only provide the installation/replacement of the fan.  The homeowner is responsible for contacting an electrician to connect any wires.
  9. Please advise the re-roofing department if your home has any exposed rafters in the ceiling, or vaulted/cathedral style ceilings in any finished area in your home.
  10. We strongly advise to have your grass cut within a few days of the project start date.  This is to ensure that we can effectively use our rolling magnet to pick up loose nails.  Longer grass inhibits this process.
  11. Lastly, please remember your pets!  Most animals are fine during the process, but the process can be very noisy.  Please keep this in mind on how to plan for them.  Additionally, for everyone’s safety, please be mindful when letting dogs out into the yard while workers are there.  They may even have a gate open to move materials back and forth.