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    Hardesty Roofing builds roof systems that meet or exceed the requirements of all shingle manufacturers. We are certified by GAF as a "Master Elite Installer" and offer warranty upgrades through GAF. Our own labor warranty is valid for a period of twelve years and covers any defects associated with the installation process.

    We build all of our roof systems to the highest standards required by every major shingle manufacturer. We include ice and water shield in all of our installations, along the eves, valleys, and around skylights and chimneys. This extra step may not be part of our competitors' roofing installation but we include it on every job we do. 

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    When you arrive on the WeatherWatch page, please scroll down the picture of a home where you can click on the various headings; for example, "leak barrier", for more information.

    By carefully building your new roof system the chance of an installation error is minimized. We "storm nail" your roof, providing 50% more nails than required for maximum wind resistance. You get an additional 10 mph wind resistance added to the typical 70 or 80 mph standard warranty. 

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  • 10 Year Warranty